Seaweed Hand Cream

    • This Maine Seaweed Hand Cream is especially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. Infused with freshly harvested Maine Seaweed and soft Ugandan Shea Butter, this hand cream deeply hydrates and restores softness to your hands. Not greasy and 99.7% Natural. A nourishing moisturizer and perfect for sensitive skin!
      • Organic sea-fusion(tm) blend of organic Maine seaweed (bladdderwrack, sea lettuce, sugar kelp, Irish moss and rock weed), organic Ugandan shea butter, organic sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, cetearyl alcohol and cetearyl glucoside (natural plant-based emulsifiers), organic hibiscus flowers, organic calendula flowers, organic chamomile flowers, glucono delta lactone, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, pure steam distilled essential oils of litsea cubeba, lavender officials, cedarwood and lemongrass.
      • Apply this hand cream daily. It is gentle for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. A little goes a long way!
      • Fresh Maine seaweed is rich in natural sea minerals and vitamins that soothe and hydrate the skin. Harvested by hand right near our workshop in the waters of Kettle Cove, Maine, our seaweed is paired with the clean essence of lemon and flower essential oils to give this luxurious body wash its unique and refreshing scent. Enjoy!

    Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Plant-based

Customer Reviews

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Seaweek Hand Cream

I tried Seaweed Hand Cream for the first time several months ago and just re-ordered it. I had only used the Moringa/Lavender hand cream before so this was an experiment. I came to really like the refreshing sort-of lemony fragrance. As I mentioned in my review of the Moringa cream, I'd prefer that it came in a jar rather than a tube, because I want to get every last drop!

Only product to find my poor hands

The seaweed hand cream is the only product that can fix my rough hands. It lasts longer, is non greasy and provides comfortable relief to my often dry and cracked hands.


This is by far the best hand cream I’ve come across. It feels luxurious, not greasy smells so refreshing! A little goes a long way!

Gabriele Roden

it is a gorgeous and precious product. I use it daily and it always gives me a lift.
My friends and family love it too. keep up the good work.


So first let me say that I never thought my hands could be THIS soft! I have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema outbreaks on my hands. I've been using this cream for less than a week and I can already notice a complete 180. It is not oily, I don't leave greasy fingerprints everywhere after applying and have I mentioned that my hands are as smooth as the hands of my 11mo niece? This hand cream is a game changer.

Body Scrub

We're excited to have these new products! However, the baobab body scrub with citrus limon packaging doesn't scan well!

I love buying green and local, and this purchase paid off

The seaweed hand cream smells fabulous and makes my hands look and feel much better. I also appreciated the first-time user discount and prompt shipping. Thank you!

Seaweed Dream Hand Cream, Body Cream and Face Cream

I purchased the Seaweed Dream Hand Cream, Seaweed Body Cream and Face Cream with Shea Butter. I love all 3 products. Very light and silky. I have been using all 3 products since I received them and am very pleased. Thank You for such a nice product. I will be purchasing 2 more hand creams for my daughter and daughter-in-law as stocking stuffers for Christmas.


Great hand cream


So far the staff is using it all up, so lovely, rich and smells so good. I will need to have them buy some or else open another, haha! The shop is fairly quiet but we will let you know more as the summer truly begins.