Luxurious Seaweed Skin Hydrator Gift Set #3

Our all natural Seaweed Beauty skin hydrator set is the perfect gift from Maine! Our locally harvested seaweed is full of sea vitamins and nutrients to rejuvenate your skin   

Our best selling Seaweed Dream Cream is truly a dream on your skin! It readily soaks in and deeply hydrates with Shea butter while nourishing your skin with seaweed. 

Customers rave about our Shea Butter and Seaweed hand cream.  It deeply hydrates without any greasy residue. Customers love that it quickly restores hydrated skin and leaves the skin very soft and nourished.

The Artisan crafted Seaweed Soap lathers nicely and is made with hydrating olive, coconut and Shea butter plus seaweed.  

• locally and sustainably harvested Maine seaweed

• natural, vegan, plant-based

• made in westbrook Maine 

• Planet Botanicals was named a top 10 Indie Beauty Brand

This gift set contains:

- Seaweed Dream Cream, 6.75 oz, 99.7% natural
- Seaweed Hand Cream, 3.4 oz, 99.7% natural
- Seaweed Bar Soap 4.0 oz, 100% natural

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